in the making....

Welcome! It's lovely to have your company.

We are Grace and Ja; co-founders of Meadowbrook. We are so pleased you've stopped by to join us in this virtual space. We look forward to a time when we can meet you at the land itself, share a brew and show you around a green space with a whole lot of potential.

But for now, grab a cuppa wherever you are, take a breather, and enjoy reading about the plans we have for this place called Meadowbrook! You join us in the  beginning chapters of this story.

We know that Meadowbrook will become a truly special outdoors space. An innovative space where a warm welcome awaits. Where anyone who lives with mental and physical health challenges is invited to come just as they are. A feel-good space where folks have an open-ended invitation to come and be part of a growing community.  


When you show up, you become part of this unfolding story. That matters. Your contribution matters.

You matter.


Meadowbrook is a 2 ½ acre plot of land right in the heart of beautiful rural Wiltshire. The plot sits on the outskirts of Melksham; one of the many historic market towns in the county.

Meadowbrook is a place where it’s easy to unwind and soak up the goodness of being outdoors. Surrounded by fields and farmland, it is regularly visited by birds of prey and groups of deer. We are also chuffed to have a sweet but substantial brook flowing through the land. Her name is Bezzles brook and she definitely adds another element to the place.

Don’t underestimate the potential of this small-scale plot. It plans on achieving great things! Right now, the meadows are just in making. The task ahead is to make the whole setting fit for purpose, usable through all seasons and truly inviting.

Watch this space!


Our motto is an invitation to you:


A place to just be.

This is our motto at Meadowbrook. Our invitation to you.

It'll pop up again and again because it's really important.

We really do mean it. We really do want you to ‘just be’.

Our invitation to you is: Just turn up. Just be you. Just see what happens. Sometimes that requires a mammoth effort.

We hear you. We understand.

Come discover Meadowbrook as a place where you can ‘just be’.

Meadowbrook revolves around wellness. The World Health Organisation describe wellness as “the state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

If Meadowbrook can play a decent part in helping people experience an improvement in their health and wellbeing, then happy days! We know wellness and wellbeing are complex issues with many layers, but we believe we can make an impact here at Meadowbrook with you. It’s amazing how the place already has a special vibe when people gather there. Even more so when people spend time together out in nature! Being out in the elements unlocks something. We see folks let their guard down and share more of their true selves.

No expectation.

No pretence.

No pressure.

Our History

In 2023 we hosted another successful Big Lunch and here are some hula-hooping guests mastering the art at the circus skills workshop





Grace and Ja took the plunge, bought a patch of ex-farmland, and the next chapter of the story began!

Grace completed a year-long Start Up Programme with the School of Social Entrepreneurs and secured the project's first bit of funding. Hurrah!

Meadowbrook was incorporated as a Not-for-Profit Company; a Community Interest Company (Limited by Guarantee)

We launched as a venture at our Big Jubilee Lunch afternoon. ( We now call it our 'accidental launch'! It was sunny, there was a big cake and lots of lovely folk!)  Love a bit of spontaneity!