we gather

Gathering is such an evocative word. It speaks of a coming together. Of intentionally gravitating towards other people. Choosing to spend a little or a lot of time with other folk whose paths we may ( or may not) have crossed before. When we gather we can experience being part of a community. This is invaluable to our wellbeing. “No man is an island” said  John Donne, a man of the cloth back in the 17th century. He was talking about the basic human need for connection with other humans. We are not wired to exist on our tod!

400 years on, we still think he has a point.

At Meadowbrook we are creating a gathering space, a social space, and an opportunity space; where the seeds of community can germinate, take root and flourish. A safe and healthy community IS possible, even if we have struggled to experience it positively in the past. We will offer a varied mix of meaningful activities. We will gather and share experiences. We will share simple pleasures and make memories which help forge a deeper sense of togetherness. The fact is that isolation and loneliness have the capacity to erode dreams and purpose. In contrast, healthy, inclusive gatherings and communities encourage dreams to reignited and purpose to be found.

Community means sharing time, resources, and life with a true cross section of humanity. Having our edges rubbed off, building one another up and sticking with each other when the proverbial hits the fan. It isn’t a walk in the park! But the benefits to ourselves, and those around us can be truly transformative. It’s so good to both get support and be supportive. We are better off when we know our value and worth. When we are heard. When we experience a heartfelt welcome each time. When our company and contribution is noticed and missed when we can’t show up.

Meadowbrook is all about creating a unique outdoors space where there will be a wide range of opportunities into which we can dip our toes or even perhaps get fully immersed. Lots of opportunity for self-expression, playfulness and just having a go at stuff. Meadowbrook will be an outdoors space that’s for all. Really for all. Really affordable. Really inviting. Jam-packed full of atmosphere and imagination. A place where folks will want to linger in and return to.


Outside is the new inside.

Let’s be honest. After the last few years, we are no longer phased by wrapping up in all weathers to get a blast of fresh air and be able to gather outdoors with others. We have come to reappreciate the therapeutic qualities of nature and are now used to the concept of indoor-outdoor shelters as means of being comfortable in the elements. As a result of this shift,  lots of lovely (but usually pricey) grown-up  ‘playgrounds’  have sprung up. We ourselves think these new outdoorsy venues are rather cool! However, the downside is that they are often where the more privileged in society tend to hang out. We want to address this imbalance.


How will we encourage communal activity?

  • Establish a large communal growing space to help foster a collective mentality. This also takes the pressure off individuals having to keep on top of a personal plot.  Community sufficiency: sharing the learning, the victories and the flops! We want to pool our skills and strengths. We want to ditch any sense of hierarchy and superiority. We want to be generous in sharing existing knowledge and useful tips.

  • Create shelters that celebrate the natural environment and people's relationship with it. Since the dawn of time, we have been creating spaces for us to take shelter in. Any future shelters at Meadowbrook will enable folk to remain connected with the natural environment whether keeping them warm and dry whilst the rain hammers down or providing protective shade from the glare of the sun. Natural and repurposed shelters for creative workshops, yoga, and other forms of exercise (if cannot be held outside) Shelters for relaxing, cooking and eating in. ( A decent sized yurt is high on our wish list so watch this space!!)

  • Develop an intimate sharing/ performing area. Poetry, spoken word, acoustic music, outdoor theatre, storytelling, talks, and discussions can take place within a purpose-planted hornbeam circle.

  • Have a dedicated fire circle area (be rude not to build a hand-built pizza oven too)

  • Plant an orchard

  • Set up beehives