we move

Our bodies are designed to move.

Find a way to move that brings you joy.

Doesn’t matter if you move slowly or quickly.

Just get moving how and when you can.

Movement is life itself!

Breathing itself is the art of moving. Inhale. Exhale.

Even when we are not consciously moving….we are still moving!!

We know wellness has become a bit of a buzz word. But the truth is that a balance between the body and mind is so important in managing good health.

If you address your mental health but neglect your physical health, there will continue to be an imbalance. Your body is as important as your mind. They work together and are not separate entities

Just begin.

Start.  Continue. Stop.

Restart. Keep going.

Pick yourself up again

Here at Meadowbrook,

movement will be happening without us really thinking about it! As we garden, grow and gather there will many chances

to get moving in a way that suits each of us.

The great thing is that all movement counts! There's no rules. It's up to you. 

At Meadowbrook

We love yoga at the land (whether in a shelter or outdoors) It will be taught by both co-founder Ja as well as other local yoga teachers. Yoga is an all-round good way to move and we are passionate about introducing folks to the power of moving through yoga who might usually rule themselves out.


We are interested in collaborating with other local fitness providers and are in the early stages of developing  this part of the project.