we create

Everyone is intrinsically creative.

Come and make stuff. Write stuff. Hum a tune.

Get playful with all sorts of arts and crafts.

You can be traditional. You can be experimental

Come and create. Feed your soul.

Busy your hands. Spark your imagination

and unleash your creative streak.

Time invested

in making stuff is time well spent. When we get in the flow of creating it does so much good for us.

We can stop clockwatching. We can switch on a different part of our brain.

We can focus and become fully present in the moment. These are essential moments of respite for lots of us time-poor, frazzled, distracted individuals! It's not a luxury. It's so vital for our wellbeing.


We have a primal need

to make and create.

Making stuff from scratch

is as old as the hill! Many people

just love the chance to express themselves creatively using different materials, techniques,

and themes. Other people put more importance on what the end result. turns out to be. Either way, ending up with something created by our own hand and imagination can bring unexpected warmth into our lives.


Here at Meadowbrook,

we will host many different creative sessions;

both indoors and outdoors.

We look forward to hosting many other creative practioners on-site as well as hosting 'in-house' sessions from within the team.

Sessions will be happily tailored to suit different size groups and different capacities.

Just remember everyone

has a creative streak.

You may be a seasoned crafter

or instead have bad memories

of school art lessons that put

you off for life! All are welcome.

Creator-maker spaces

will become a key part of Meadowbrook's DNA.

 Paint brushes grouped together in pots.

Offcuts of thread

scattered on workshop tables. The sound of music in the background.,

The smell of a fresh pot of coffee and a handmade cake  shared out as participants sketch, sculpt and stitch.

We want folk to love being able to really get creative here at Meadowbrook!